Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

I heard this band on the radio last night and thought I'd write about it. I'm not listening to them now. That would require moving and ...okay I might move. Now I'm listening to them. So far they sound decent. Not particularly orchestral. If I'm honest that was the only reason I picked them out. Maybe not the only reason. I don't like to seem like a music snob. Ultimately that is what I am. Not my fault. This song is called 'Funny Friends'. It has guitars in it and a steady four four drum beat. I suspect it is synthesised. Now I'm listening to 'How can you Luv Me'. It sounds the same as the last one. Possible mowtown influence? It still doesn't sound orchestral. False advertising that is. Should really turn it off. Aaaah...can't quite ...be bothered.... If this was the seventies it would sound like Fleetwood Mac and that would be awesome. I can't listen to Rumours by Fleetwood Mac because it frees the evil jazz demons. And then the evil jazz demons unleash their wily venom upon their victims and then there are too many evil jazz demons. It's a bit like a zombie attack only backwards. I think possibly I would like 'Second Hand News' to play at my funeral. I think that it would really sum my life up to a tee. This one is called 'Thought Ballune'. It's on their EP. I think it's the same song as the last one but with different words. Wait this tune sounds different: it's called 'Nerve Damage' and sounds like happy punk. I'm starting to feel afraid. I'm pretty sure this is different from the usual mantra. What's going on? Things are..changing...from..what I am used to hearing...cant quite adapt...aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Stop changing!!! Everything must stay the same forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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