Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Acid Mothers Temple - SWR

Eat A Pebble Sounds like hungry ants.
Do you know where the second hand Record Shop is Turned off at wrong junction. Got lost. Exchange last fiver for a broken LP, but it probably sounds better like that.
Good Buddha What has this got to do with Buddha? It's just some random noises.
Mecochin O Love Violin!
Bad Buddha Buddha is bad.
Stone Woman & Record Frantically lighting matches.
Gustavo Hendi Running while in mud.
There is nothing to make you happy in this box
Honni Honni Shinno The repetitive four-note guitar riff reminds me of Shostakovich String Quartet no 8.
Devo Feere Pagarli Violin!
Fenomenoligia Filling in forms.
Untitled Death
More stones, more women, more records Paying council tax.