Tuesday, 1 July 2014

S.A.L XII --- Explosions in the Sky take care take care

"This place is creepy"

"I know just wait a minute." Paul stopped following. "Someone had a fire."

"Say again?"

They were standing in the middle of woodland. A more wistful person might have appreciated the area for its ethereal quality. But Mel and Paul didn't have the right shoes. The path was intermittent.

"Ugh I stood in something."

"Come over here.

Mel plucked her plimsolls out of the mud and moved next to Paul. He was staring intently at flattened grass and fire remains. She studied the disturbed vegetation; the place where a struggle had occurred between girl and angel.

"It looks messy." She wiped her brow. "Do you think it's - "

"Them." He passed her the transmitter which was pointing straight ahead. It's buzzing became more insistent. "Yes." He smirked. "Think we're gaining in them."

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