Wednesday, 30 April 2014

S.A.L - VI

Mel saw Kragg before he did. He'd been too busy contemplating the filing system, standing at the door to the archives when she caught his arm.

"Kragg what are you up to?"


"What do you mean nothing? You never gave back the data chip for that girl you tested last month."

"I know, I can explain."

"What was her name, Greta Kosman?"

"I know, look please don't tell anyone but er..."


"I had to dispose of the data."

"You threw away some data?"

"I did."

"You could get done for that. Nothing is supposed to be removed from there."

"I had to because there was something wrong with it. I made a miscalculation."

"I see." She put her fingers to her chin in a ponderous stance. "You made a mistake so you decided to hide the evidence."

"Yes exactly. That's what happened."

"It's not like you to care so much about your work. Why did you even bother?"

"Just forget about it Mel." She was looking at him suspiciously, whispering Greta Kosman Greta Kosman...

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