Sunday, 15 July 2012

Nordic (band, folk trio, Sweden) This is a theory that has bugged me of late. As someone who does not sit on the couch and watch in apathy as my brain cell count diminishes down the cathode ray of doom: how in control are we of our ideas? Could it be that those moments of genius are merely images that reflect our environment, like a dream before waking? It's all most annoying. Here we are creating things, coming up with stuff, painting, writing and rewriting. Then the shrink comes along and tells you that it's nothing but a result of the spindled yarn that becomes attached to your sleeve as you pass the hedge on the way to work. Seeing as theoretically the idea would have already existed, just not in anyone's mind yet, it would become nigh on impossible to give credit to a person for pioneering the idea. The person to conceive the new idea would be the one who was first 'confronted' by it. Now the 'idea' seems much more unyielding like some kind of savage dragon creature that pounces into the mind, injecting its victim with its highly contagious and virulent inspiration. How dare it. On the plus side it would really f up copyright laws.

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