Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pixies Surfer Rosa

It's taken me a while to discover the Pixies. Having said that, one of the few decent friends that I had as a teenager introduced me to them as early as 1998. She made me a mixed tape and passed it to me during maths with a little wry smile on her face. One of the songs was 'Where is My Mind?'. I remember that it was the song I liked the best. I had to keep rewinding back to it. Maybe she knew that, someday, that song would come in handy. But most likely it was a coincidence. For some reason I never pursued my interest in the band beyond that one song until earlier this year. I was in a car with a friend who happened to have a copy of 'Bossanova' in the glove box. The track Is She Weird came on and I became entranced. As soon as I got home I had to play the album. Loudly. On big speakers. To anyone unfamiliar, it sounds like a chanting street mob trying to catch a witch, set her on fire, throw her in a pot, and eat her in a stew. If you think that sounds extreme then you should talk to people who got into Pixies as young impressionable 14 year-olds. Many will now openly admit to having been "terrified".

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