Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Waking Life

Just watched this: this afternoon.
I know that technically this is a music blog but it's only a guideline and anyway this flick has a string quartet in it and salsa dancing. Infuriatingly it's one of those films where if you tried to recommend it to a friend it would be really hard to summarise it and not make it sound lame. It wasn't lame.
It's a strange half painted, half real animation that looks like a wobbly hallucination and which is not adverse to mini sprite-like creatures whizzing across the screen for no reason. From what I could tell it's about a boy that keeps meeting odd characters in his dreams. Except most of the time he doesn't know that it's a dream. And neither do you. And by the by most of these dream characters seem to have a healthy range of opinions on reality, politics, consumerism, the media, religion existentialism. Sorry, ahem, it's been a while since that word cropped up. Go me for learning French and staying conscious during my Sartre tutorials.

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