Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Moldy Peaches

Wednesday 21/09/11
09.40am - Went into jobcentre for interview. Woman commented that I had been signed on a while. I said yes indeed. She asked me about community project X. I told her a long endless story of picking litter in church yards and cleaning toilets until she gave in and enrolled my details with a catering course. I feel this was a moderate success.

11.30am - Read about conscientious objectors on wiki. A bad move? I suppose I see my move out of teaching and into cookery as a little bit like being a tiny conscientious objector taking a big lunge for freedom. There's only so much a little worker ant can do in a colony of army ants that have been fed too many e numbers.

17.11pm - Time for executive decision: belly dancing or dinner party?

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