Sunday, 10 July 2011


Female vocals are to folk as bunsen burners are to year 9 chemistry experiments - indispensable and surprisingly appealing even on a high setting. Okay so my use of comparison and euphemism is poor, but I never claimed to be an expert. I have a way with words - and when I say that I mean that some of the things I come out with are liable to lead to riots of world war three proportion just by using badly chosen words in all the wrong places.
It's not as if I don't have a grasp of the gravity of words, it's just that I have this problem whereby words bumble around in my brain looking for an escape route of which unfortunately there is only one. Words go from being well contained secrets to atomic bomb style clangers and I don't mean the little cute mouse things that whistle.
I suppose it's why goths love me -- all that tortured soul unable to express ones true feelings stuff -- and why I'm hopeless in job interviews.
It's so bad that my body has developed natural self defence mechanisms designed to prevent me from making said literary blunders ever again. I'll be talking to somebody; it could be anyone like a window cleaner or the next door neighbour and suddenly I'll just completely lose my train of thought and won't even remember why I'm talking or what is that I'm talking about and I'll become overwhelmed with the idea that I am just saying all that stuff for the sake of it and it's not really what I care about at all and then I think about all the people talking to each other all over the world and wonder if any of them are actually saying what they really want to say or whether it's all just meaningless words to stop us from realising that ultimately we are all completely alone in a vast sea of emptiness like that xkcd cartoon

--That wasn't actually the one I meant but the meaning wasn't entirely lost.

So then I'll get this distracted kind of look and the other person assumes that I don't like them, or that they have offended me in some way when in fact the awkwardness has arisen from my painstakingly weighing up the merits of using a particular word in particular sentence versus the employment of a convenient lie as a means to steer safely to less treacherous areas of conversation.


  1. Hey ... Sarah .... You`re Poetic ... creative ... You know... I know you On the inside ... I remember you from before ... You know I understand what you`re saying .... there are tunings ... and layers ... and a sweet truth inside .. a place where the music art and poetry come from ... the world has some many detunes , gaps , excesses , doubts , fears , head games because people got hurt or lost .... when you play music .. its simple and whole ... you can talk without all the broken stuff .. or say all the broken stuff to get it out of the way ... then say and heal all the deep .... in conversations you cant do that ... people are too guarde ... we close up first ... talking to people is sometimes miles of barbed wire and no mans land .. or sometimes so almost a vilage square in a market town on holiday ... : )

    I hope you are happy ... You deserve to be ..... : )

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  2. Hey Saz, I can't remember whether I've asked you or not... have you deleted your Facebook? I've lost touch with you and I wanted to tell you something the other day. Anyway, if you have, reply on here or email
    Lots of love